It is fair to say that naming a new business can be a bit of a tricky decision; in fact, it could be one of the most important decisions you make in the early days of any new venture. When trying to come up with a name for our new bathroom in Edinburgh division we had several choices. Should we go with a name that told people exactly what it is we do, or should we look for something that would be more in keeping with who we as a company are? Perhaps even a name with a story behind it?

Where does our name come from?

As a family run Edinburgh bathroom company, the driving force behind everything we do is of course our families – from the youngest members to the oldest ones. Ultimately the biggest thing that keeps us striving each day to provide amazing customer service and bathrooms in Edinburgh that we are proud of is the younger generation of our family – the kids and the example we hope we are setting for them. And this is where our name comes from – Laymax is a combination of Layla and Maxi; the names of Bobby’s kids.

A family name for a family outfit

So, there you have it a new business, a brand-new name, inspired by two of the people who matter most to us. And whilst our name might not immediately suggest all things Edinburgh bathrooms, I am sure you will agree that it certainly embodies the true family ethos that we apply to everything we do.