For over 10 years we have worked really hard to build up BMAS, earning credibility within the industry. This is really important to us, and something that we are incredibly proud of. We are a family run firm, and family is very much at the heart of everything we do. When it comes to providing bathrooms in Edinburgh, it’s not just about what we as a family do but about what we can do for your family. Excellent customer service, attention to each and every little detail of your new bathroom and, of course, a passion for surpassing customer expectations, are all things that motivate us to achieve perfect results every bathroom in Edinburgh we deliver.

Our clients make us who we are

A staggering 80% of the bathroom installations in Edinburgh that we do come from client referrals, so it would seem that we are getting quite a name for ourselves, and definitely in a good way! Perhaps it’s our designs, the way we work or even that as a family run business we always try to go that extra mile for our customers? Well, the good news is that everything that we have learnt from what we have achieved as BMAS has given us a fantastic basis for the way in which we will do things at Laymax.

How can we help you?

As a family providing bathrooms in Edinburgh, we want to help your family create the perfect bathroom for your unique needs – after all, every family is different. Whether your bathroom is on the small side or has plenty of space, and whatever your budget, why not get in touch to discuss your new bathroom with a company that really understands the concept of a proper family bathroom?