You’ve decided it’s time for a new bathroom and of course the first thing you do is arm yourself with a pile of brochures of luxury bathrooms and suites and spend a few cosy evenings planning your dream bathroom. Or you tour a few Edinburgh bathroom showrooms and see what takes your fancy. And then, when you find your perfect suite, you think you can’t fit it in because it’s not exactly the same size as what you’re replacing.

Let Us Guide You

With over ten years’ experience in the luxury bathroom design we can help you narrow down your choice of designer bathrooms. Because we are a local company we know all about Edinburgh bathrooms and know all the little tips and tricks to fitting modern design into older housing. We can direct you towards the best suites for your space and cut through all the tedious brochure browsing and cross-referencing.

Give Us Your Idea…

… and we’ll give you the luxury bathroom you yearn for. Tell us that you don’t like square edged toilets and we’ll only recommend rounded ones. Tell us you want a walk-in shower and we won’t even mention smaller shower trays. Let Laymax Bathrooms prune away all the irrelevant modern designs that won’t fit your house or your budget. Talk to us, your local bathroom specialist, and see just what we can offer you that browsing brochures can’t hope to match.