When it comes to designing bathrooms in Edinburgh you can be sure of one thing, there will always be a mirror in there. At Laymax bathrooms we realise the importance of the bathroom mirror and the best way of using them to give you the best effect in your Edinburgh bathroom. Whether it is a decorative mirror or something sleek and modern, there are a plenty of ways you can use mirrors to great effect.


Perfect reflection

The bathroom mirror is arguably the most important mirror in the house, so making sure you have the correct sized mirror and it sits in the right position is vital. The most common place for the mirror to be hung is above the sink. As a rule, the mirror shouldn’t be wider than the sink or vanity unit and should be placed at least 5cm above eye level. Another tip when choosing where to place your mirror is to position it adjacent or opposite windows light sources as it will reflect the light back into the room making it appear brighter and more spacious.


Match your style

To use mirrors to the greatest affect, it’s also important to marry your bathroom styles together. For example, if you have a vintage-styled bathroom in Edinburgh, choosing a vintage style mirror will work best, while contemporary-style Edinburgh bathrooms work best with modern, minimalist designs.


At Laymax bathrooms we will offer you expert advice to ensure all design elements for bathrooms in Edinburgh are taken care of. Why not call us today to discuss your requirements – we’re sure to be able to plan a bathroom design in Edinburgh that truly ticks all of the boxes.