Smart homes are the latest trend. The options for gadgets that make life simpler and are controlled remotely seem endless. More and more of these gadgets are now appearing in bathrooms in Edinburgh, with people renovating old bathrooms now frequently choosing tech features to improve functionality in their existing space.

Stylish smart showers

There are a number of impressive ways to make your shower smart. By adding colourful LED lights, you can create your own in house colour spa. In a chromatography shower, lights adjust depending on the mood you wish to create. Blue is thought to be calming whilst red and white are energising.  Change the lights depending on whether you’re waking yourself up for an important meeting or winding down before bed.

Programmable showers allow you to create user settings for each individual in your home. You may prefer a cooler shower with a stronger spray whilst your partner might enjoy something warmer and gentler. Save your settings and guarantee the perfect shower in your bathroom for everyone.

High tech toilets

Once you’ve experienced a smart toilet, how can you ever go back? Choose from options such as self-cleaning, auto deodorisation, motion activated seat covers and heated seats, night lights and hands free flushing. Eco water saving options are also becoming more commonplace.

Laymax Bathrooms in Edinburgh are here to help you design a stylish bathroom that incorporates the latest tech to make your life easier and your home smarter.