Despite the fact that bathrooms aren’t something you install everyday there are still fashions that people follow and as we design and install lots of bathrooms in Edinburgh we see the same requests coming up time and time again.

Rainfall Showers

These have been around for a few years now and it would seem our customers can’t get enough of them. By incorporating air into the shower spray you can mimic the feeling of rain falling. This is much more pleasant when you are half-asleep than the needle-jets of a power shower! Usually there is a fixed head and a moveable spray so you can make sure every part of you is clean.

Wall-hung toilets

Easy to clean toilets are another thing we get requests for. By hanging the bowl on the wall, you can make it simple to mop underneath and hide away all those dusty pipes. If the wall can’t take the weight then we can use a cabinet to keep everything tidy.


It seems the good people of Edinburgh don’t like shower-curtains! Wet-rooms and walk-in showers are very popular at the moment when it comes to bathrooms in the Edinburgh area. They’re also easier to clean as glass and tiles dry quickly so you can spend more time enjoying your bathroom in Edinburgh and less time cleaning it.

Nooks and crannies

Storage in the bathroom is a perennial problem and many of our customers are asking us for novel ways to deal with it such as alcoves in shower areas or shelves over toilets.

With all this choice, why not get in touch with us to help design the bathroom of your dreams?