Changing the colour scheme is one the best ways of getting the feel you want into your bathroom. A bright bathroom can really lift the feel of your house. You don’t even need to paint walls, you can achieve the same effect by painting the bath a bold colour, adding floral wallpaper or accessorising with bright colours. Alternatively, you may prefer the chic minimalistic look of a neutral bathroom to create a calming space. Whatever your decision, it could say something about your personality.

Nice and Neutral

Neutrals and in particular, white, can create a tranquil space that looks clean and fresh. People who choose white may be peaceful, pure and innocent and radiating calmness. Those seeking a neutral palette may also do so because they are cautious, sensible, disciplined and well organised. Whatever the reason, there is a lot to recommend a calming neutral space.

Pop goes the colour palette

A splash of colour is very on trend for bathrooms in Edinburgh at the moment. It can add vibrancy. Orange is particularly good for energising. People who choose orange may be sociable, harmonious and intelligent. A green bathroom brings the outdoors in and is often chosen by people who are young, adventurous and healthy. Passionate and radiant people may opt for fiery red and those who are more imaginative and sensitive are more likely to choose blue.

Whatever colour combo you choose, chat to our experts at Laymax bathrooms in Edinburgh and allow them to make your dreams a reality.