Modern suites are generally white with chrome fittings. Many modern bathrooms in Edinburgh are tiled with neutral stone tiles, although some older ones hark back to Victorian and Edwardian elegance with stark monochrome tiling patterns, and brass fittings which can be polished to high sheen.

Neutral Palette

Anyone who has had to live with a 1970s-coloured suite (especially if it had matching tiles) will understand the reason for this is because keeping the colour palette of your Edinburgh bathroom neutral means you can add whatever colour you like without a massive outlay.  Once you’ve got a coloured suite, anything other than neutral or matching accessories just looks wrong and out of place.

Let the Light In

Light, bright colours reflect light around the bathroom creating a calming and energising space. Whilst avocado and coral might have been extremely fashionable when they were installed they tend to make the room look and feel smaller and dingier. A white suite, with pale beige or grey toned marble or travertine tiles will immediately make your room look and feel bigger.


A neutral Edinburgh bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. You can buy fluffy towels in bright colours, choose eye-popping mats and candy-coloured toothbrush holders to bring a burst of colour into the room. And the beauty of doing it through your accessories is that when you get bored of a colour-scheme you can simply buy some new items and replace them.