Baths have gone beyond functional and are now often used as a focal point in bathrooms in Edinburgh. They can be a real statement piece of furniture, from modern curvy designs to vintage clawfoot tubs. Some bathrooms, however, would benefit more from a fixed piece that looks smart but saves space.

Freestyle with Freestanding

Freestanding baths have the edge on style as there are many traditional and contemporary designs to choose from to complement your décor perfectly. In a large room, a freestanding bath offers more flexibility with regards to placement as it can go pretty much anywhere in the room. Bear in mind that freestanding baths tend to be more expensive than a fixed alternative although they have become more affordable in recent years. You may also need to reinforce the floor before installing a weightier model.

Focus on Fixed

Fixed baths are space saving, less expensive and often more functional that their freestanding counterparts. Plumbing tends to be more straightforward for a fixed tub and easier to hide underneath the surround. If you’re looking for a shower over your bath then a fixed tub lends itself to this more easily. Although a fixed bath is constrained to corners and alcoves, it is much easier to store and reach toiletries whilst having a soak.

For more expert advice on what would work best in your space and how to choose your perfect bath, contact Laymax Bathrooms in Edinburgh. We’ll be happy to help you make a choice that’s right for you.